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November at the Gallery



luminocity - deep dark.jpg

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett
The Deep Dark, 2015
wood, LEDs, electronics


Luminocity Logo 2016.jpg


October 28 to November 5, 2016

Downtown Kamloops > After Dark

All ages, FREE

Luminocity is a FREE week-long public art project organized by the Kamloops Art Gallery featuring video projection, new media works and events in public spaces throughout downtown Kamloops. This off-site initiative is a forum for independent media arts regionally, nationally and internationally. Enlivening public spaces in unexpected ways, Luminocity embraces new creative concepts and modes of expression in the media arts field and encourages diverse audience engagement outside the Gallery’s regular programming. It includes over 25 artists and multiple sites with weekend performances by bands and DJs.

In the fall of 2014, this week-long public art project dazzled viewers with legendary weekend dance parties and video projections in public spaces throughout the downtown core of Kamloops. Inspired by popular public art events across the country such as Nuit Blanche, the KAG’s inaugural presentation transformed Kamloops’ urban environment with projections on the facades of buildings and in storefront windows, site specific installations at Riverside Park and performances in the Rotary Bandshell as a way of connecting people to the city in innovative ways.

During the darkening days of fall, this year Luminocity lights up similar sites and introduces new ones with a selection of diverse multi-media work by artists from across the country and from here at home. For the duration of Luminocity, Dion and Ryland Fortie transform the Rotary Bandshell into Auxiliary Glow, a reserve of lights and visuals, bizarre shadows, strange characters, analog video effects and visuals. The Bandshell is once again home to live musical performances featuring local and touring bands and DJs as well as evening talks, screenings and performances throughout the week. Luminocity is a unique offering to explore the city of Kamloops in a new way and to take in video art projects from a diverse range of artists.

Participating artists include Patrick Bernatchez / Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett / Doug Buis / Pascal Grandmaison / Devon Lindsay / Matt Macintosh and Keesic Douglas / Lynne Marsh / Monica McGarry / Jeremy Shaw / Matt Smith / Mark Soo / Anton Vidokle and Pelin Tan / Tania Willard

With Adjunct projects, talks and performances by Arbour Aboriginal Artist Collective, Kelsey Braun, Levi Glass, Rónan McGrath, Monica McGarry & Jessie Kobylanski, Melaina Todd, Office of Surrealist Investigations

Participating businesses and organizations include Arnica Artist Run Centre, Kamloops Museum & Archives, Padlock Studios, Office of Surrealist Investigations, Red Beard, Red Collar, GK Sound, Zack’s Coffee and Barnacle Records

Curated by Charo Neville, Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery

Generously sponsored by Nicola Eye Care


all memberanes - luanne.jpg

Luanne Martineau
Dangler, 2008
wool, silk, dye
Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Purchased with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance program and funds provided by the Acquisitions Committee: David Aisenstat, Claudia Beck, Laing Brown, Sherry Killam, Karen Killy, Della McLaughlin and Lesley Stowe
Photo: Trevor Mills, Vancouver Art Gallery

All membranes are porous

September 24 to December 31

Central Gallery

Margaret Dragu • Pascal Grandmaison • Sarah Anne Johnson • Zoe Kreye • Luanne Martineau • Jeremy Shaw

Flesh, organs, eyes to the soul, under my skin, silhouette, inner voice, scars – the human body, its physical form, internal experience, external representation and metaphoric existence in the world is intimately familiar to us all. The body is deeply personal and inescapably public. It has been the central subject of a wide range of study within medical, spiritual, philosophical and sociological disciplines.

Embodiment and phenomenological experience can include but are not exclusive to social bodies, political bodies, differently abled bodies and gendered bodies. These encompass inclusive and exclusive spaces, personal and governmental rights, and technological or scientific experimentation. The body has also been the subject of artistic expression since the first recorded mark, often a record of how bodies were perceived and upheld at particular time periods, reflecting economic status, social morals and gender roles. Artists of the last few decades have been interested in exposing the power dynamics implicit through the representation of the body in a multitude of forms.

This exhibition looks at this topic by way of an open and fluid inquiry. Rather than foregrounding representations of the body tied to identity, the exhibition, like its title indicates, is porous and flexible, experiential and visceral. The work of this group of Canadian artists addresses the body in relation to knowledge, intimacy, loss, death, class, race, community, aging, architecture, nature, abstraction, movement and intervention. Each of these artists explores the notion of embodiment through an inimitable approach to our common experience of inhabiting a body. The exhibition is an invitation to viewers to reflect on their own bodily experience and the expansive diversity that this comprises.

Curated by Charo Neville, Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery


bmo private parts mouth.jpg

Anyssa Gill: Private Parts

September 24 to December 31

BMO Open Gallery

The winner of our third annual Art Duel, Thompson Rivers University Visual Arts student Anyssa Gill presents Private Parts, a series of ten oil paintings exploring those thoughts, emotions, feelings, attitudes and desires that we prefer to keep private—even from those closest to us.

Employing a kind of stream of consciousness painting philosophy, Gill creates these paintings (or dreamscapes, as she describes them) while listening to music or watching TV. She begins without a plan or a specific colour palette, preferring to allow her subconscious to influence each decision as she goes. Through this process, Gill hopes to bring those most private parts of herself into public view. 


Calendar of Events

luminocity TRU short.jpg

Luminocity // TRU Shorts

Tuesday, November 1

8:00 pm

AUXHAUS // Rotary Bandshell Riverside Park

All ages, FREE

Take in short videos screenings created by Thompson Rivers University Visual Arts students. Refreshments provided by Zack's Coffee and Red Collar Brewing Co.


logograph (2).jpg


Wednesday, November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

December 7, 14

3:30 to 5:00 pm

12 to 24, FREE 

Previously known as The Graphic Novel Club, this program began as a joint initiative with the Kamloops Art Gallery and the Kamloops Library to create a collaborative public art project. Out of this has developed Logograph, a youth-directed club that meets weekly at the Gallery and Library. Led by our Teen Intern, this program offers space for creative youth to make art and generate ideas for future projects. New members are always welcome.


luminocity levi.jpg

Luminocity // The Elasticity of the Projected Form

Wednesday, November 2

8:00 pm

AUXHAUS // Rotary Bandshell Riverside Park

All ages, FREE

Levi Glass will discuss how image devices and the environments in which they are shown impact sensorial perceptions and create spaces where viewers are able to examine, think and learn through perception. This talk will also incorporate a discussion about the role of play in the creation of such devices or spaces. Refreshments provided by Zack's Coffee and Red Collar Brewing Co. Visit Luminocity for more details.


Luminocity-Curator's Walking Tour(WEB)-5.jpg

Luminocity // Curator's Tour

Thursday, November 3

7:00 pm

All ages, FREE

Meet at the Kamloops Art Gallery for a walking tour of Luminocity, our week-long, public art project featuring video projection, new media works and events in public spaces. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather. Visit Luminocity for more details.


luminocity ma ronan.jpg

Luminocity // Ma: On Weightless Occupied Space

Thursday, November 3

9:00 pm

AUXHAUS // Rotary Bandshell

All ages, FREE

Ma: On Weightless Occupied Space is a musique concrète and contemporary dance performance exploring the vast subject of light─our dominant and pervasive habitat. It represents the qualities of light as an environment experienced in both discrete and continuous conditions. Simultaneously organic and ephemeral, the work uses abstract soundscapes to express detailed light/object interaction through reflection and refraction while articulating broad impressions of human/light experience through visceral dance and light-source manipulation.

Music and performance with sound design by Ronan McGrath and choreography and light design directed by Monica McGarry and Jessie Kobylanski. Refreshments provided by Zack's Coffee and Luminocity Afterglow beer by Red Collar Brewing Co. Visit Luminocity for more details.



Arbour Aboriginal Art Collective Youth Workshops

Thursday, November 3

December 1

6:00 to 9:00 pm

12+, FREE 

Arbour Collective provides opportunities for youth and adults to create art, learn new creative methods and exhibit or perform in the Kamloops area. By supporting work that confronts and challenges stereotypes, hidden histories and stolen voices, the Arbour Collective seeks to inspire and empower through creativity. Collective members will be working in the studios on select Thursdays. Youth and adults of all nationalities are invited to drop in to participate. No experience is necessary. All materials are provided.


luminocity auxhaus.jpg

Luminocity // Auxiliary Glow

Friday and Saturday, November 4, 5

9:00 pm to 2:00 am

AUXHAUS // Rotary Bandshell Riverside Park

All ages, FREE

For the duration of Luminocity, the Rotary Bandshell is transformed into Auxiliary Glow, a reserve of lights and visuals by Dion and Ryland Fortie. Warm lights set the mood against a cool atmosphere of bizarre shadows, strange characters, analog video effects and visuals. November 4 and 5 feature the final weekend of dance parties, with live musical performances by touring bands and DJs.

Bar and food provided by Red Beard with Luminocity Afterglow beer provided by Red Collar Brewing Co. Visit Luminocity for the full band line up.


first saturdays.jpg

First Saturdays Guided Tours

Saturday, November 5

December 3

1:00 pm

All ages, FREE with Gallery admission

Join us on the first Saturday of the month for a guided tour of our current exhibitions. These tours are free with admission and open to all ages.



Drink & Draw at Red Collar

Wednesday, November 9

December 14

6:00 to 8:00 pm

All ages, FREE 

Join us at Red Collar Brewing Co. to contribute to large-scale collaborative drawings, play Surrealist drawing games and enjoy some of Kamloops’ best local beer. No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.


Art History Happy Hour web.jpg

Art History Happy Hour

Thursday, November 10

December 8

5:00 to 6:00 pm

19+, FREE 

Learn something new while enjoying your after-work drink. This month, join local artist Monica McGarry to learn more about fashion. A cash bar is available and light snacks.


DIY McGarry Adolphus sticker.jpg

DIY Thursdays

Thursday, November 10

December 8

6:00 to 9:00 pm

16+, FREE 

This DIY class is meant to open the imagination to new visions for every day objects such as clothes, bags, and anything else made with natural fabrics. We will be using techniques like, reverse tie dying, stencilling, and abstract expression. Join us in our studios to work on unique DIY projects with Sage Prokop. All materials are provided.



Christmas in the Gallery

Monday, November 14 to Saturday, December 24

The Gallery Store doubles in size to offer even more distinct and handmade items including cards, children’s activities and art supplies, along with one-of a-kind pottery, jewellery, and home accents from regional and national artists and artisans. Find unique and thoughtful gifts here to suit all tastes and budgets! Members receive a discount. Join today  for yours!



Performance and Workshop with Margaret Dragu

Saturday, November 19

10:00 am

16+, FREE

The Kamloops Art Gallery and the University of Margaret Dragu present Embodiment, Narrative and Liminal Histories as Sources Toward Transdisciplinary Knowledge. Adults interested in art, cultural theory, feminism, performance and pedagogy are invited to join us for a morning of art aktions, workshops and performance led by Governor General Award winning interdisciplinary artist Margaret Dragu. Coffee, tea, snacks and graduation certificates will be provided for all participants.


all membranes tania.jpg

Movement Workshop: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Sunday, November 20

1:00 to 4:00 pm

16+,$45 (save $10 if you register by November 6)

The artists in the exhibition All membranes are porous explore the shared experience of inhabiting a body and the notion of embodiment through diverse approaches. They show us ourselves through various lenses and narratives.

This workshop will provide participants a rare opportunity to take in this exhibition through all their senses. Through movement, touch, sound and journal writing, participants will have the opportunity to connect more deeply to the artists' projects and to their own bodily experience through practices that encourage a connection to mind and body.

Tania McCartney is a yoga teacher and lover of movement. She has been involved in many physical forms since she was young. Her theatre degree at York University in Toronto and work with collective creation theatre companies shaped her as a yoga practitioner. Combining her experience with her time as a yoga teacher she has developed tools that delve into the human body, cultivating awareness and the ability to find connection through interactive play and storytelling that she will share with workshop participants.

Register through the Yoga Loft.


baby (1).JPG

Family Storytime + Baby & Me

Thursday, November 24

10:30 to 11:45 am

Children three and under with parents or guardians, FREE (older siblings welcome)

The Gallery and the Kamloops Library partner to combine two of your favourite baby to preschooler programs: Family Storytime and Baby & Me. Join us in the KAG studios at 10:30 for songs, stories and puppets with the librarians from the Kamloops Library, followed by baby-friendly art making at 11:00. All of our art materials are safe for small children who want to put everything in their mouths. Art can be messy! Dress your child in something you won’t mind getting dirty. No registration required.

Generously sponsored by 3-D Line Locating Inc.



Lights in the Night

Thursday, November 24

5:00 to 9:00 pm

The Gallery Store

All ages, FREE

Join the annual Lights in the Night shopping event in downtown Kamloops to celebrate the holiday season and the beauty of a winter’s night. Come see us at the Gallery Store on this special night for refreshments and free gift wrapping. Members receive a discount.


laura drawing.jpg 

Drawing Performance with Laura Hargrave

Thursday, November 24

7:00 pm

All ages, FREE

Join us in our studios to watch local artist Laura Hargrave create a drawing on our walls using chalk pastels. Through her experimental drawings, Laura Hargrave recreates the experience of memory loss. With her back to the drawing surface Hargrave renders slightly larger than life-size figures as a way of challenging the normal observation and recording process of image creation. She draws blindly, relying only on memory for reference so that the resulting imagery takes on a mix of blind contour drawing and continuous line.

Laura Hargrave is a Kamloops-based artist working in experimental drawing, mixed media and installation. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria and her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Regina. In 2007, Hargrave participated in a seven-week international residency at the Banff Centre, Walking and Art. Her walking projects range from the subdivisions of Don Mills, Ontario to the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona. In 2010, she led a Jane's Walk, Frottage a Garage, in the back lanes of Kamloops to celebrate the memory of urban theorist Jane Jacobs.



Drink & Draw at Zack's Coffee

Monday, November 28

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Zack's Coffee, 377 Victoria Street

All ages, FREE 

Join us at Zack's Coffee on the last Monday of the month to contribute to large-scale collaborative drawings, play Surrealist drawing games and enjoy some of Kamloops' best coffee and tea. No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.


drink and draw dennys.jpg

Drink & Draw at Denny's

Tuesday, November 29

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Denny's, 570 Columbia Street

All ages, FREE 

Join us on the last Tuesday of the month to contribute to large-scale collaborative drawings, play Surrealist drawing games and feast on Denny’s delicious treats. Kids eat free! No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.



Cannes International Festival of Creativity

Wednesday, November 30

7:00 pm

Paramount Theatre, 377 Victoria Street

All ages, $20+GST Adults // $15+GST Members/Students/Seniors

Join us for the screening of the World’s Best Commercials of 2015. This event has wide audience appeal and will leave you wanting to see more. Following the screening, join us at the Gallery for a post-screening gathering where you can discuss the commercials with others. Cash bar and refreshments served.

Click here for more information on this event.




jann at custom made.JPG 

Fund in Memory of Jann LM Bailey Realized

A fund of over $28,000 in memory of Jann LM Bailey is now in place.

The outpouring of donations arrived steadily throughout the campaign. The generosity and accompanying kind words are a testament to Jann Bailey's commitment to artists and the visual arts in our country. Jann served as the Executive Director of the Gallery from 1987 to 2015 and oversaw the move into the Gallery's current purpose-built space.

On behalf of the Kamloops Art Gallery Board of Trustees and staff, thank you for helping us honour Jann in this way.

The Jann LM Bailey Legacy Fund now held in trust with the BC Interior Community Foundation will continue to support programs for children and youth at the Gallery forever.




Only 450 Tickets on Sale

Imagine yourself on a luxurious, European river cruise – a dream vacation! For only $100 you could win a trip of a lifetime that includes airfare for two, is all inclusive and you get to choose which river in Europe you want to explore. We also offer an alternate prize of a one-time use, $5,000 travel voucher. No matter what, the odds of winning are amazing and you are supporting the Kamloops Art Gallery. This is the perfect gift as well! For $125 you receive the lottery ticket, a river cruise catalogue, travel journal, pen, blank greeting card and two passes to the Kamloops Art Gallery. All gift wrapped for your convenience. For your ticket visit any Kamloops area Scotiabank branch, the Gallery or call us at 250-377-2400. Tickets are on sale until noon, December 24 or until they sell out. The draw date is January 6. Good luck to you and thank you for supporting this fundraiser for the Gallery.

Thank you to our sponsors Scotiabank, Uniworld, Travelwise, Westkey, Kamloops This Week, New Wave Advertising, CFJC TV and The River 97.5.

Know your limit, play within it. BC Gaming licence # 87230.



Cannes Festival Returns

Prepare to laugh, cry, ponder, giggle and be amazed by the talent that created these international, award-winning commercials. The Kamloops Art Gallery is proud to once again present the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for the World’s Best Commercials of 2015. Join us for a screening of this prestigious compilation on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at The Paramount Theatre. Tickets are $15 for Members, Students or Seniors and $20 for Adults, plus applicable taxes.

The price of admission includes a post-screening gathering at the Kamloops Art Gallery with refreshments and cash bar where you can chat about your favourite picks with the other attendees. Tickets are available at online through the Kamloops Live! Box Office and by calling 250-374-LIVE.

If you are a member wanting to purchase your ticket please visit the Kamloops Art Gallery or call 250-377-2400.

We look forward to seeing you at this special presentation.


The Gallery Store

Great Canadian Masters pic.jpg 

Cooking with Art and Soul

A perfect gift for those who love to cook! For Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation in 2017, the Canadian Museums Association published a cookbook of recipes by innovative Canadian chefs, inspired by paintings from Canadian museums and art galleries – including the Kamloops Art Gallery! Find our contribution on Page 36: Chefs Charles Part and Jennifer Warren-Part created a mouth-watering recipe for Long-Simmered Great Northern White Beans, Pork Hock and Belly, Goose and Duck inspired by After the Blizzard, a painting by the school of Cornelius Krieghoff from the Gallery's permanent collection. Pick up your copy at the Gallery Store before they’re all gone!

Members discount available. Join us today for yours.





Give the Gift of Membership

As a special gift in the lead up to the holiday season, the Gallery will have memberships available at 25% for members to renew or purchase as a gift and share their love of art.

Member benefits include FREE admission to the exhibitions, a discount on event tickets and programs, as well as a discount in the Gallery Store.

From November 14 to December 24 memberships are available at the discounted price online or by calling the Gallery at 250-377-2400.

Happy Holidays!



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