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September at the Gallery




Jerry Pethick
Armchair Traverse, 1970/1987; Typology of Space, 1970/1989; Whaleskirt and Sun, 1970/1994
Medium and dimensions variable
Collection of the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, The University of British Columbia. Purchased with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance program, the Morris and Helen Belkin Foundation and the Ben  Hill Tout Memorial Prize 2004
Installation view, Kamloops Art Gallery
Photo: Cory Hope


Jerry Pethick: Shooting the Sun/Splitting the Pie

July 2 to September 10, 2016

Central Gallery

The next ten days is the final opportunity to take in Jerry Pethick: Shooting the Sun/Splitting the Pie, organized in 2015 by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Grant Arnold, Audain Curator of British Columbia Art. The exhibition in Kamloops comprises a smaller selection of works organized by the Kamloops Art Gallery with cooperation from the Vancouver Art Gallery. A retrospective of work from the 1960s to 2000s, the exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of Canadian artist Jerry Pethick's prolific career that emerged from his lifelong investigation into the relationship between technology, consciousness and shifting paradigms of perception. The exhibition includes a number of the "photo arrays" for which Pethick became widely known. Though Pethick's work has been exhibited across Canada, Europe, the United States and Japan, this is the first in-depth museum survey of this important artist's career

Over the course of a career that spanned five decades, Jerry Pethick (1935–2003) produced a complex and multifaceted body of work that is difficult to classify. Pethick's practice focused on questions of perception, an important area of activity in the visual arts over the past four decades. However, his amalgamations of photography, optical devices, sculpture and drawing, and the structures he assembled to create new conceptions of material space, are a unique achievement. Although it has been 13 years since his passing, his experimental approach to form and materials—along with his rigorous investigations into art history, the history of science and the nature of visual perception—remain both remarkably current and relevant to contemporary art practices today. His visionary work has been an inspiration for new generations of artists.

The exhibition is accompanied by a 160-page catalogue that marks the first major publication dedicated to the career of this artist with essays by Grant Arnold, Monika Szewczyk, John Drury, Geoffrey Farmer, Jerry Pethick and Siobhan McCracken Nixon, co-published by the Vancouver Art Gallery and Black Dog Publishing.

Jerry Pethick: Shooting the Sun/Splitting the Pie is generously sponsored by Rojeanne and Jim Allworth and Jane Irwin and Ross Hill



Ryland Fortie
Installation view

Photo: Cory Hope

Ryland Fortie: Chatroom Paranoia

July 2 to September 3, 2016

The Cube

There are a few days left to see this year’s Curator’s Choice exhibition featuring new work by Ryland Fortie. Fortie’s practice is based in research and explores materials and video through multi-media installation. The exhibition title, Chatroom Paranoia, references virtual social spaces found on the Internet as a real time forum for exchanging ideas on particular topics. Through video, sculpture and synthetic objects like plastic fruit, artificial plants and plaster body parts, the artist examines how the lines between virtual and physical space, and therefore social interaction, are increasingly blurred.

Central to the exhibition is a fountain that continuously cycles water amidst displaced objects and a looping video. Through this unusual constellation of disparate elements, the work examines how context alters the meaning of familiar objects. Fortie explores Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of reality as a social construct; Bourdieu contends that to exist is to exist socially in relation to others. Chatroom Paranoia is a multi-media installation that addresses various realities in relation to engagement with others. Fortie questions how meaning and identity are constructed within all social spaces, whether in person or virtual, and invites the viewer to question authenticity.

Generously sponsored by Cypress Insurance and OA Fine Arts & Jewellery Insurance

Curated by Craig Willms, Assistant Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery



Zoe Kreye
Our Missing Body, 2015
Photo: Zoe Kreye

Margaret Dragu
Pascal Grandmaison
Sarah Anne Johnson
Zoe Kreye
Luanne Martineau
Jeremy Shaw

All membranes are porous

September 24 to December 31, 2016

Central Gallery

Flesh, organs, eyes to the soul, under my skin, silhouette, inner voice, scars – the human body, its physical form, internal experience, external representation and metaphoric existence in the world is intimately familiar to us all. The body is deeply personal and inescapably public. It has been the central subject of a wide range of study within medical, spiritual, philosophical and sociological disciplines.

Embodiment and phenomenological experience can include but are not exclusive to social bodies, political bodies, differently abled bodies and gendered bodies. These encompass inclusive and exclusive spaces, personal and governmental rights, and technological or scientific experimentation. The body has also been the subject of artistic expression since the first recorded mark, often a record of how bodies were perceived and upheld at particular time periods, reflecting economic status, social morals and gender roles. Artists of the last few decades have been interested in exposing the power dynamics implicit through the representation of the body in a multitude of forms.

This exhibition looks at this topic by way of an open and fluid inquiry. Rather than foregrounding representations of the body tied to identity, the exhibition, like its title indicates, is porous and flexible, experiential and visceral. The work of this group of Canadian artists addresses the body in relation to knowledge, intimacy, loss, death, class, race, community, aging, architecture, nature, abstraction, movement and intervention.

It includes Margaret Dragu’s cumulative archive of performances and relational workshops addressing iterative decay, memory loss and personal legacy with a primary focus on the body as a source of knowledge. Zoe Kreye’s installation represents community-based projects emerging from an invitation to perform the body in relation to sculptural objects and built spaces. Jeremy Shaw offers an experience for one person at a time that takes the viewer into a hypnotic experience of memory and personality. Sarah Anne Johnson’s installation translates her grandmother’s traumatic experience as a hospital patient by way of the artist’s own body and the viewer’s navigation of a clinical space, while Pascal Grandmaison’s ethereal videos provide a mesmerizing doubling of natural and bodily phenomenon. Luanne Martineau's soft sculptures evoke internal and external body parts through ambiguous forms that oscillate between figuration and abstraction.

Each of these artists explores the notion of embodiment through an inimitable approach to our common experience of inhabiting a body. The exhibition is an invitation to viewers to reflect on their own bodily experience and the expansive diversity that this comprises.

Curated by Charo Neville, Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery


MonicaMcGarry_Ribbon_close_up 2.jpg

Monica McGarry
Fluttering Iridescent Ribbon (detail), 2016
mixed media, video projection
Photo: courtesy of the artist

Not quite sure about the glitter though

September 17 to October 29, 2016

The Cube

Monica McGarry’s work uses pop culture, kitsch and humour to challenge how people perceive and engage with images in the world around them. Her choice of materials recalls a childhood fascination with glossy and shiny objects. As we mature into adulthood, a fascination with eye-catching materials remains, although perhaps our desire to interact with them lessens. McGarry delves into how this perception changes as we get older and how we can be drawn back into an investigation of our surroundings, beyond appearances. Glitter, often a staple of children’s art projects, is used as the central medium in McGarry’s large scale painting inviting viewers to take in the shimmering surface more closely, while the text and interrogative titles of both the work and the exhibition wrestle with the seduction of this material, highlighting this uneasy relationship between criticality and the experience of wonder as we age.

McGarry's sculptural installation, Fluttering Iridescent Ribbon, references American conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth’s approach to representation in works such as his One and Three Chairs (1965). Kosuth presented three incarnations of a chair including an actual chair, a photograph of a chair and a text panel with a description of a chair. McGarry treats the fluttering iridescent ribbon similarly, provoking the viewer to consider how meaning is constructed. McGarry’s installation playfully addresses notions of beauty and seduction and the underlying question: What is art? Together, the works in the exhibition reflect on how we assign meaning to objects and how we relate to images in the context of art making and viewing at a time when we are constantly bombarded by visual information.

Curated by Craig Willms, Assistant Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery


Luminocity-Derek Brunen(WEB)-2.jpg

Derek Brunen
Plot, 2007
HD video
Installation view, Lumin-Haus, Luminocity, 2014


October 28 to November 5, 2016

Downtown > After dark

After its inaugural launch in 2014, Luminocity returns to Kamloops! Luminocity is a FREE week-long public art project organized by the Kamloops Art Gallery featuring video projection, new media works and events in public spaces throughout downtown Kamloops. This off-site initiative is a forum for independent media arts regionally, nationally and internationally. Enlivening public spaces in unexpected ways, Luminocity embraces new creative concepts and modes of expression in the media arts field and encourages diverse audience engagement outside the Gallery’s regular programming. It includes over 20 artists and multiple sites with performances by bands and DJs. This year’s event includes many of the same sites as well as new locations, with weekday and weekend events at the Rotary Bandshell in Riverside Park. Keep an eye on Luminocity.ca over the coming months for an updated list of artists, locations and events.

Luminocity 2016 is generously sponsored by Nicola Eye Care


bmo poly.jpg


August 27 to September 17, 2016

BMO Open Gallery

The temporary community of the KAG Summer Art Camps was abuzz with young artists sharing ideas, creating artwork and working collaboratively for seven weeks. Exploration of the summer exhibitions Jerry Pethick: Shooting the Sun/Splitting the Pie and Ryland Fortie: Chatroom Paranoia were the basis for approaching art making in new ways that encouraged self-representation. The polyhedron, a geometric three-dimensional shape represents the many facets of art making that happen in a community setting such as ours. Shown together, these works offer a visualization of the diversity of participants and art that comes through our studios.

Generously sponsored by New Gold Inc.


Calendar of Events


Arbour Aboriginal Art Collective Youth Workshops

September 1

October 6

November 3

December 1

6:00 to 9:00 pm

12+, FREE 

Arbour Collective provides opportunities for youth and adults to create art, learn new creative methods and exhibit or perform in the Kamloops area. By supporting work that confronts and challenges stereotypes, hidden histories and stolen voices, the Arbour Collective seeks to inspire and empower through creativity. Collective members will be working in the studios on select Thursdays. Youth and adults of all nationalities are invited to drop in to participate. No experience is necessary. All materials are provided.


first saturdays.jpg

First Saturdays Guided Tours

September 3

October 1

November 5

December 3

1:00 pm

All ages, FREE with Gallery admission

Join us on the first Saturday of the month for a guided tour of our current exhibitions. These tours are free with admission and open to all ages.



Film Screening

Trapped in the Time Top: Selections from Brick Bradford

September 3

2:00 pm

12+, FREE

Jerry Pethick’s public art work, installed on the intertidal shoal of False Creek in Vancouver, takes both its motif and name from Brick Bradford’s time travelling space ship, the Time Top. Created by writer William Ritt and cartoonist Clarence Gray in 1935, the story was later made into a fifteen-part live action serial by Columbia Pictures. Join us to watch the highlights and get a glimpse into the science fiction realm that influenced Jerry Pethick.


logograph (2).jpg


Wednesday, September 7, 14, 21, 28

October 5, 12, 19, 26

November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

December 7, 14

3:30 to 5:00 pm

12 to 24, FREE 

Previously known as The Graphic Novel Club, this program began as a joint initiative with the Kamloops Art Gallery and the Kamloops Library to create a collaborative public art project. Out of this has developed Logograph, a youth-directed club that meets weekly at the Gallery and Library. Led by our Teen Intern, this program offers space for creative youth to make art and generate ideas for future projects. New members are always welcome.


Art History Beer Street - Hogarth.jpg

Art History Happy Hour

Thursday, September 8

October 13

November 10

December 8

5:00 to 6:00 pm

19+, FREE 

Learn something new while enjoying your after-work drink. This month, join local artist Ryland Fortie to learn more about his research-based practice that explores materials and video through multi-media installation. His recent exhibition in The Cube, Chatroom Paranoia, referenced virtual social spaces found on the Internet as a real time forum for exchanging ideas on particular topics. Through video, sculpture and synthetic objects like plastic fruit, artificial plants and plaster body parts, the artist examined how the lines between virtual and physical space, and therefore social interaction, are increasingly blurred. Through his practice, Fortie questions how meaning and identity are constructed within all social spaces, whether in-person or virtual, and invites the viewer to question notions of authenticity. A cash bar will be available.



DIY Thursdays

Thursday, September 8

October 13

November 10

December 8

6:00 to 9:00 pm

16+, FREE 

Join local artist Ryland Fortie to learn how he constructs his found-object sculptures and try your hand at creating your own. All materials (and some snacks) will be provided. No experience is necessary.



Chromesthesia / Melophoria

Friday, September 9, 30

October 14, December 2

6:00 to 8:00 pm

All ages, FREE 

On select Fridays, the KAG joins Barnacle Records to offer a night of hands-on art and music making. KAG art instructors will bring P.A.T., our Portable Art Trailer, and Barnacle Records will provide turntables and mixers for amateur and pro DJs to experiment. Meld your senses and try your hand at DJing, printmaking and drawing. No experience is necessary. All materials are provided. DJs, please bring your own music.



children's fest 1.JPG

Children's Arts Festival

Saturday, September 17

11:00 to 4:00 pm

Riverside Park

All ages, FREE 

The Children’s Art Festival is a fun-filled, creative day of artistic, musical and theatrical activities for children ages two and up. Organized by the Kamloops Arts Council, the entire day is FREE for children and their families. 


ideasOpening (52).JPG

Curator's Tour with Charo Neville

Saturday, September 24

5:30 pm

All ages, FREE 

Join Kamloops Art Gallery Curator, Charo Neville, for a tour of All membranes are porous. Neville will provide background on the artists and discuss key ideas and works in the exhibition. 


ideasOpening (106).JPG

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 24

6:30 to 8:00 pm

All ages, FREE 

Join us to celebrate the opening of All membranes are porous in the Central Gallery, Monica McGarry: Not quite sure about the glitter though in The Cube and an exhibition by the winner of our annual Art Duel on the BMO Open Gallery. Meet the artists and curators, mix with other art supporters, get creative at the Kids Table and enjoy live music and appetizers. Everyone is welcome. Memberships are 25% off.


rivers day.jpg

World Rivers Day

Sunday, September 25

10:00 to 2:00 pm

Riverside Park

All ages, FREE 

Organized by the City of Kamloops, World Rivers Day is a free, family event to celebrate the rivers and culture in our community. Enjoy multiple entertainers, live music and arts and crafts as you learn about our rivers, watershed stewardship and other sustainability issues. Look for the KAG booth to find out about our programs and to participate in fun river-related art activities.



Our Missing Bodies: Immersive Workshop with Zoe Kreye

Sunday, September 25

10:30 to 3:00 pm

16+, FREE 

Join artist Zoe Kreye for an immersive workshop where participants work with her installation of ceramic sculptures to develop a narrative and movement sequence, something Kreye calls an “embodied score.”

Kreye made these sculptures as a way of exploring the loss of her mother and the physical void that this detachment left behind. Through this workshop, which Kreye thinks of as a collectively developed performance ritual, participants are invited to develop a connection with one or more of these sculptures and interpret their own series of movements that describe the narrative they imagine accompanies the object.

The session begins with a series of embodiment exercises, followed by some preliminary movement sequences that invite participants to encounter the sculptures. From these initial encounters, participants will co-develop narratives and movements based on participants’ attractions, sensations and interpretations—all of which unfolds together with the sculptures. Participants will also draw and write down the narratives that unfold over the course of the workshop.

Our Missing Bodies draws on experiences of loss, embodiment and elemental connection. The workshop employs techniques from contact improv, performance art, visualization, ecstatic dance and authentic movement. Its process attempts to make sense of an object's origin and meaning, the participants’ actions and roles, and our collective embedded histories—the necessary relevance of bodies, objects and space coming together.

Early registration is encouraged as space is limited. Call the Gallery at 250-377-2400 to reserve your space. Light refreshments will be provided, participants are encouraged to bring a bagged lunch.

Zoe Kreye is one of six artists included in All membranes are porous, on view September 24 to December 31, 2016 in the Central Gallery. See more of her work at zoekreye.com.



Drink & Draw at Zack's Coffee

September 26

November 28

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Zack's Coffee, 377 Victoria Street

All ages, FREE 

Join us at Zack's Coffee on the last Monday of the month to contribute to large-scale collaborative drawings, play Surrealist drawing games and enjoy some of Kamloops' best coffee and tea. No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.


drink and draw dennys.jpg

Drink & Draw at Denny's

September 27

October 25

November 29

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Denny's, 570 Columbia Street

All ages, FREE 

Join us on the last Tuesday of the month to contribute to large-scale collaborative drawings, play Surrealist drawing games and feast on Denny’s delicious treats. Kids eat free! No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.


colour theory.jpg

Painting 101: Colour Theory & Mixing

Wednesday, September 28

10:00 to 12:00 pm

Seniors, FREE

Learn the basics of acrylic painting. In this two hour lesson, participants will learn about the science behind colour and how to create a harmonious palette by mixing their own colours. No experience is necessary. All materials are provided. This program is offered in collaboration with the Kamloops Adult Learners’ Society. Registration for KALS fall programs starts September 2016. Please visit kals.ca for registration forms and office hours.


baby (1).JPG

Family Storytime + Baby & Me

Thursday, September 29

October 13

November 24

10:30 to 11:45 am

Children three and under with parents or guardians, FREE (older siblings welcome)

The Gallery and the Kamloops Library partner to combine two of your favourite baby to preschooler programs: Family Storytime and Baby & Me. Join us in the KAG studios at 10:30 for songs, stories and puppets with the librarians from the Kamloops Library, followed by baby-friendly art making at 11:00. All of our art materials are safe for small children who want to put everything in their mouths. Art can be messy! Dress your child in something you won’t mind getting dirty. No registration required.

Generously sponsored by 3-D Line Locating Inc.



Harsh Crit

Thursday, September 29

6:00 to 9:00 pm

19+, $5 Members / $10 Public 

Join us in the KAG studios on select Thursdays for three hours of pizza, beer and art criticism. Bring in your half-baked ideas, in-process exhibition proposals and newly completed art works to get honest and critical feedback from your peers. If your work is too big to transport, digital images are okay, too.

Fee includes one beer and a slice of pizza. Those who bring a work to be critiqued will receive a second beer and a high five.

Harsh Crit has space for 15 participants. To register in advance, go online or call 250-377-2400.

Generously sponsored by Red Collar Brewing Co.


bc culture days.jpg

Culture Days

Friday, September 30

Saturday, October 1

All ages, FREE

Join us to celebrate the vibrant culture of our community! Enjoy free admission to our gallery spaces and engage in exciting art and culture activities.



Crystal Bowl Meditation with Terese Laforge

Friday, September 30

4:30 to 6:30 pm

16+, $15

Led by experienced sound healer Terese Laforge, this workshop invites participants to become immersed in a full body sensory experience in the midst of our current exhibition, All membranes are porous. Crystal bowl meditations are relaxing and restorative, allowing the sound vibrations to assist in letting go of all that is no longer required. Dress comfortably and in layers. Bring a blanket and a water bottle.

Registration opens September 15. To be added to the waitlist, please contact the Gallery 250-377-2400. Space is limited, early registration is encouraged. To learn more about Terese Laforge and her meditation courses, visit thereselaforge.com.




jann at ted smith opening.JPG

Legacy Fund Continues to Grow

Launched in July, the campaign to generate support for the Jann LM Bailey Legacy fund is close to achieving our goal.

By October 2016, we would like to raise $28,000 in support of arts programs for children and youth at the Gallery. We look forward to your support.

In memory of our Executive Director Jann LM Bailey, we hope to raise these funds to acknowledge the first anniversary of her passing and in recognition of her 28 years with the Gallery. Jann was a passionate advocate for arts education, beginning her career as an Arts Instructor at Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario. She strongly believed that encouraging appreciation for the arts at a young age fosters cultural values that last a lifetime. This fundraiser is a tribute to her extensive contribution to the arts sector locally and nationally.
All donations over $20 will receive a tax deductible charitable receipt. Donations can be made online at www.kag.bc.ca/supportus/donations or by visting or calling the Gallery at 250-377-2400. Donations to the Jann LM Bailey Legacy Fund will be held in trust with the BC Interior Community Foundation; another community organization which mattered greatly to Jann.

From all of us at the Gallery, thank you in advance for your support.



Luxury Vacation Lottery Tickets on Sale Soon

Imagine yourself having the trip of a lifetime – on a luxurious European River Cruise for two. It could be yours for only $100! The prize is worth $10,000 and includes airfare. However, maybe you want to go somewhere else. This year, the prize includes the option of the cruise or a $5,000, one-time use, travel credit for a trip of your choice.

Tickets for this year’s Luxury Vacation Lottery go on sale on September 8. Help us with this fantastic fundraiser by purchasing your tickets at any Kamloops branch of Scotiabank – as they will be making a further donation to the Kamloops Art Gallery for each ticket they sell for us.

Tickets can also be purchased at the Kamloops Art Gallery or by calling 250-377-2400.

Tickets are on sale until noon, December 24 and the draw is on January 6, 2017.

Thank you to our sponsors Scotiabank, Uniworld, Travelwise, Westkey, Kamloops This Week, New Wave Advertising, CFJC TV and The River 97.5.

Know your limit, play within it. BC Gaming licence # 87230.


Mayor's Awards for the Arts


Emerging Artist 2016 winner Kelsey Gilker.

Nominate the Best of the Best

The 2017 Mayor's Awards for the Arts committee is continuing to receive nominations for the annual Arts awards. The Mayor's Awards for the Arts recognizes and celebrates artists and supporters in Kamloops and the Thompson Nicola Regional District.

Please visit the Mayor's Gala for the Arts website for nomination details. The deadline for submission is September 30. We look forward to your nominations in the categories of Artist of the Year - Performing Arts, Emerging Artist and Business in Support of the Arts.

Nomination media release - June 23, 2016


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Members discount available. Join us today for yours.




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