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Midnight Sun Camera Obscura (WebRes)-33.jpg

Lea Bucknell
False Front, 2015
installation view, Kamloops Art Gallery
photo: Devon Lindsay


Midnight Sun Camera Obscura

January 16 to March 19, 2016

Central Gallery

Dianne Bos / Lea Bucknell / Ernie Kroeger / Donald Lawrence / Holly Ward and Kevin Schmidt / Carsten Wirth / Andrew Wright / Michael Yuhasz


Conceived and organized by Kamloops-based artist and visual arts professor Donald Lawrence, The Midnight Sun Camera Obscura Festival was a far-reaching project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through Thompson Rivers University. The festival took place in Dawson City, Yukon, in the summer of 2015. It brought together an international group of artists and other researchers interested in cameras obscura and related optical phenomenon as a meeting place of art and science, cultural and wilderness settings. The festival was held during the summer solstice, taking advantage of the longest day of the year in order to allow the projects to be viewed most effectively. It featured multiple site-specific installations throughout Dawson City and included coinciding exhibitions at the ODD Gallery and the SOVA Gallery. It also included a wide range of workshops, tours and public talks, all focused around the theme of the camera obscura.

The exhibition at the Kamloops Art Gallery provides a document of the festival and the projects made specifically for that event. Many of the artists are based in Kamloops and all share a converging interest in exploring the possibilities of the camera obscura. Work in the exhibition embodies the sculptural innovation and progressive approach to the theme generated by a diverse group of artists. Camera obscura is Latin for “darkened chamber” or “dark room.” It is a device that admits light through a small opening (often behind a glass lens) into a box or darkened room to project an upside down image of the outside world onto a surface opposite.

German Astronomer Johannes Kepler coined the term “camera obscura” in 1604, but experiments with optical devices that eventually led to the creation of light-proof chambers with holes that act as a lens began by astronomers as early as the fourth century BCE. Cameras obscura were used in the Renaissance period to produce images and plans for linear perspective and in the eighteenth century for staging scientific experiments. It was through these observations and discoveries that we learned that the visual imprint of light on the retina is inverted. Theories of optics and the use of the camera obscura have driven philosophical inquiry into the nature of what we see and how we see in the world around us.

Curated by Charo Neville, Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery

Generously sponsored by MCM Real Estate Ltd.


Out of Sight (WebRes)-12.jpg

Harold Edgerton
Out of Sight
installation view, Kamloops Art Gallery
photo: Devon Lindsay

Out of Sight

January 16 to March 19, 2016

Central Gallery

Harold Edgerton / Eadweard Muybridge

Out of Sight features a selection of photographs recently acquired by the Vancouver Art Gallery by Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) and Harold Edgerton (1903-1990). Both artists are celebrated for their revolutionary works that expand our understanding of time and motion and extend the capacity of human perception by making time stand still. While time can be measured and evaluated, it also has a profound subjective dimension; how the passage of time is understood and felt is the product of individual experience, making its perception fluid, malleable and subject to interpretation. Both of these artists continually mined this rich terrain – how time can be represented and perceived – by manipulating and distorting the ways in which time functions to challenge our accepted views and preconceived notions.

The photographs of Muybridge and Edgerton depict slices of time – frozen moments – to approach the problem of representing that which cannot be seen. In their scientific experiments, they exploited the promise of the photographic medium to act as a definitive record of an action or event, essentially stopping time to depict the mechanical truth of movement. Brought together, these bodies of work explore ideas about perception and representation, challenging viewers to reconsider what we see in our everyday encounters.

Eadweard Muybridge is renowned for his sequential images of human and animal locomotion. From 1883 to 1886, while employed by the University of Pennsylvania, Muybridge produced more than 100,000 images that documented the common movements of people and animals and is known for his earliest stop-motion images of a running horse that proved that all four hooves of a horse left the ground when it was galloping. Using multiple cameras and elaborate triggering devices, Muybridge was able to virtually stop time and provide surprising and provocative insights into the mechanics and wonder of human and animal movement.

Harold Edgerton was a trained scientist who is credited with inventing ultra-high-speed, stroboscopic and stop-action photography to take picture of events that occurred too quickly, or too slowly, for the human eye to see. With his striking imagery, Edgerton transforms our understanding of temporal space and experience, redefining how we perceive movement by extending the capacity of the human eye.

Curated by Stephanie Rebick, Assistant Curator, Vancouver Art Gallery

Organized and circulated by the Vancouver Art Gallery with the generous support of the Killy Foundation and generously sponsored by MCM Real Estate Ltd.


Live Stream-Optical Rendering (WebRes)-2.jpg

Ryland Fortie and Monica McGarry
Space Helmet (Carousel Carousal '86), 2016
installation view, Kamloops Art Gallery
photo: Devon Lindsay


Dion Fortie

Ryland Fortie 

Anyssa Gill 

Levi Glass

Alex Jensen

Monica McGarry

Live Stream: Optical Rendering

January 16 to March 12, 2016

The Cube

Running parallel with Midnight Sun Camera Obscura in the Central Gallery, Live Stream: Optical Rendering features a new project by Kamloops-based artists who took part in the exhibition Strange Things Done at the Yukon School of Visual Arts’ Confluence Gallery during the Midnight Sun Camera Obscura Festival in Dawson City, Yukon in the summer of 2015. Dion Fortie, Ryland Fortie and Levi Glass were among a group of emerging artists who created works that explored self-illuminated sculptural forms in relation to their research into cameras obscura.

For this new project, the artists have created do-it-yourself projectors of their own design that cast images onto The Cube walls, recalling the experimental sensibility of the early cameras obscura. Furthering an interest in the physical elements of image projection, each artist invited other local artists, Anyssa Gill, Alex Jensen and Monica McGarry to create physical objects and images that make up the subject of the projected images.

Live Stream: Optical Rendering embraces a low-tech approach to projecting images that is linked to a long history of optical exploration embodied in the camera obscura. New approaches to this historical technology involve a consideration of the structure itself and the social possibilities of the camera obscura. These projects serve as a launching point for further investigation, bringing art, science and a DIY ethic together in a cultural setting.

Curated by Craig Willms, Assistant Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery


bmo punny1.jpg


Clayton Fisher

Richard McKenzie

Isn't that Punny!

January 16 to March 19, 2016

BMO Open Gallery

2015 Art Duel Champions Clayton Fisher and Richard McKenzie collaborated to create a series of drawings and small sculptures for Isn’t that Punny!, an exhibition of puns, plays on words and mixed-up metaphors. Full of nerdy childhood references and terrible dad jokes, McKenzie and Fisher hope their art work makes you feel like you’re a part of their inside jokes.


Calendar of Events


Persistence of Vision

Tuesday, February 2, 9, 16, 23

3:30 to 5:00 pm

6 to 12, $70 members / $85 public

An engaging, new After School Program offered at the Gallery. Visit After-School Programs for more details and register online or by calling the Gallery at 250-377-2400.



Graphic Novel Club

Wednesday, February 3, 10, 17, 24 

3:30 to 5:00 pm

Kamloops Art Gallery and Kamloops Library

12 to 24, FREE


Beginning in 2016, the Graphic Novel Club will meet on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 pm, alternating between the library and art gallery studios. Each week, youth will explore the work of graphic novel authors and illustrators, drawing inspiration to design and execute their own large-scale graphic novel panels to be installed in the library. No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.


arbour 1.jpg

Arbour Aboriginal Artists Collective Youth Workshops with Chris Bose

Thursday, February 4 

6:00 to 8:00 pm

12+, FREE

Arbour Collective provides opportunities for youth and adults to create art, learn new creative methods and exhibit or perform in the Kamloops area. Collective members work in KAG studios on select Thursdays and youth and adults of all nationalities are invited to drop in to participate. Visit Studio Programs  for more details.


first saturdays.jpg

First Saturdays Guided Tours

Saturday, February 6

1:00 pm

All ages, FREE with admission or your KAG membership

Join us for a tour of Midnight Sun Camera Obscura and Out of Sight. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the exhibitions and gain more insight into the perspectives and intentions of the contributing artists.

Visit Studio Programs  for more details.


red collar (1).JPG

Drink & Draw at Red Collar

Wednesday, February 10

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Red Collar Brewing Col, 355 Lansdowne Street 

All ages, FREE 

Join us at Red Collar Brewing Co. to contribute to large-scale collaborative drawings, play Surrealist drawing games and enjoy some of Kamloops’ best local beer. No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.

Visit Studio Programs  for more details.



Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Art*

*but were afraid to ask

Thursday, February 11 

7:00 pm

All ages, FREE 

Join KAG Education and Public Programs Coordinator Emily Hope in the Central Galleries for an open discussion about our current exhibitions.

Visit Studio Programs  for more details.




Friday, February 12, 26

6:00 to 9:00 pm

Barnacle Records, 290 3rd Avenue

All ages, FREE

Join P.A.T. the Portable Art Trailer at Barnacle Records on select Fridays to listen to records and make prints, drawings and zines. All materials are provided and no experience is necessary.


fam art 3.jpg

Family Art Saturday

Saturday, February 20 

1:00 to 3:00 pm

All ages, FREE 

Drop in to Family Art Saturdays, a free family event that includes tours and activities in our galleries as well as innovative art workshops in our studios. No registration required.

Visit Studio Programs  for more details.


baby (1).JPG

Baby & Me: Art Exploration

Thursday, February 25

11:00 to 11:45 am

Children three and under with their parents or guardians, FREE

Explore art with your children. Have fun and socialize with other parents and guardians while your toddlers experiment with all-natural art materials. Dress for mess. No registration required.

Visit Studio Programs  for more details.


harsh crit.jpg

Harsh Crit

Thursday, February 25

6:00 to 9:00 pm

19+, $5 members/$10 public

Join us in the KAG studios for an evening of honest and critical feedback about your art work from your peers. Harsh Crit has space for 15 participants. Advanced registration is available online or by calling 250-377-2400.

Visit Studio Programs  for more details.
Generously sponsored by Red Collar Brewing Co.


cam-luc 2.jpg

Drawing with a Camera Lucida

Saturday, February 27

1:00 to 3:00 pm

16+, $5 members / $10 public 

Explore drawing using an historical optical device called the camera lucida. Using a small lens and mirror, the camera lucida superimposes an image of the subject being viewed onto the drawing surface, causing the artist to see both the scene and drawing surface simultaneously, similar to a photographic double exposure. Limited space, register online or by calling 250-377-2400.




Drink & Draw at Zack's

Monday, February 29

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Zack's Coffee, 377 Victoria Street 

All ages, FREE

Join us at Zack’s Coffee on the last Monday of every month to contribute to large-scale collaborative drawings, play Surrealist drawing games and enjoy some of Kamloops’ best coffee and tea. No experience is necessary. All supplies are provided.

Visit Studio Programs  for more details.



Still Life Drawing with a Camera Lucida

Tuesday, March 1, 8, 15

3:30 to 5:00 pm

10+, $50 members / $60 public 

An engaging, new After School Program offered at the Gallery. Visit After-School Programs  for more details and register online or by calling the Gallery at 250-377-2400.


The Gallery Store

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SALE at the Gallery Store

Let us brighten up your February with this news: We’re having a month-long sale! Deep discounts on jewellery, home décor, books and hand-crafted treasures – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Give a heartfelt gift, shop local and feel like a winner. Great deals await you!

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Fundraising Events

mayors-kelseygilker-_large.jpgKelsey Gilker accepts the Mayor's Award as Emerging Artist

photo: News Kamloops


Congratulations Award Winners

The Mayor's Gala for the Arts brought over 300 arts supporters together for an evening of celebration on January 30, 2016.

The night was highlighted by the Mayor's Award for the Arts announcements.

In the category of Business in Support of the Arts, Accent Inns, GK Sound and ideaLEVER SOLUTIONS were nominated. Each organization is a strong supporter of our the arts in our community and in the end Accent Inns received the award.

In the category of Emerging Artist - an award sponsored by the Kamloops Arts Council, Andrew Cooper, Kelsey Gilker and Erik Prytula were nominated. Congratulations to Kelsey Gilker, this year's award winner.

In the category of Craft & Design, Amanda Eccelston and Vaughn Warren were nominated. Both artists were seen as equally worthy of the award and awards went to both of them.

Please join the City of Kamloops, Western Canada Theatre, Kamloops Symphony and the Kamloops Art Gallery in congratulating this year's award winners on their significant contributions to arts and culture in our city.



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